There are two promotional product databases that you can search on our site: ASI's Search Engine and Norwood's Search Engine. Each database is based on a different set of suppliers with different product lines.

ASI's Search Engine

The ASI Search Engine has many more suppliers and products in its database than Norwood. ASI is short for the Advertising Specialty Institute. Most distributors (companies like us) and most suppliers (manufacturers) of promotional items are members of this professional organization. ASI makes this searchable database available to distributors (and their clients) to help put them in touch with suppliers and their product lines.


Norwood's Search Engine

Norwood is the parent company of a number of divisions that are ASI suppliers. It maintains its own separate database of the items available from its various ASI divisions. Because Norwood does not list its divisions or their products in ASI's Search Engine, we're making their database available to you in addition to ASI's. We have an excellent relationship with Norwood and its divisions and can offer pretty amazing pricing compared to our competitors on most of their items!

Using the Search Engines